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Name:Autobot Cassettes - Good Things In Small Packages
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* As this is a community dedicated to the Autobot Cassettes, please stick to the theme. Content can include fic, art, icons, etc and must center around the at least one of the tapes.

* Slash/yaoi is allowed and welcome (if you can manage it), however when posting content with rating of R, NC-17 and above (in other words, if you wouldn't feel comfortable about your kids/parents/boss seeing it), please Friends Lock it

* Sorry, no incest or Bot Cassette/Con Cassette (ie: cross-faction) slash - not our cup of tea.

* Please ensure that the fics you post have gone through spell (and grammar) check. I know it's not always easy to Beta or find a Beta, but a simple spellcheck would make it easy on us readers.

* Please use LJ Cuts when posting pictures and for fics over 300 words. Basically, if you wouldn't like to see it eating up 3/4 of your Friends List, put it behind a Cut. Click here if you don't know how to do an LJ Cut

* Discussions, debates, idea/plot-sharing are allowed, but please keep things civil. You may not agree with someone but please disagree politely and don't get personal.

* Flaming, spamming, plagiarism and discrimination of any kind will get you banned. This is an international community so please respect others' cultures, religions, traditions, races, etc.

* Please use appropriate summaries, ratings and warnings for your fic/art content. Just because you are comfortable with some things doesn't mean others will be. This means that your post needs to include a small header with this information that is outside your LJ cut.

* Keep feedback civil and try to be constructive with criticism.

* Do not post quiz results on this community.

* Please do not post RPG chat/forum logs here. Convert them into prose format (i.e. NOT script format) and make a proper story out of it before you post it. Advertising of RPG communities is not allowed.




(If you'd like to affiliate, please leave a comment to any entry with the link to your community)
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